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Coffee professional training courses for producing countries


ultimo aggiornamento 06/09/2019 11:50:11

An example of international cooperation as a best practice for small coffee farmers in Honduras

estucafe sensory
In August 2019, Umami Area Honduras, an Honduran company based in Santa Rosa and owner of Río Colorado farm in the department of Copán, has organized the first two professional training courses for coffee producers of the region. The courses have been organized by sending a questionnaire in which the training needs of the potential participants were asked: this is how the Coffee Diploma System courses of the Specialty Coffee Association on Sensory Analysis and Filtering Methods (brewing) have been selected and which have been organized in collaboration with the Spanish Fundación ETEA
The courses are framed in an agreement signed last November with the Fundación ETEA, that promotes the development of the coffee sector in Central America since 15 years ago, and Estucafé, a local micro roaster that roasts coffee for approximately 350 small producers. The objective of the agreement is to provide the possibility for small local farmers to access high-level professional training with the internationally recognized SCA certifications. This project aims to overcome the linguistic and economic barriers that until now have limited the access of farmers to this type of opportunity. In August, two courses have been offered, the first on sensory analysis for quality control that follows the cupping Specialty Coffee Association cupping protocol and the second on brewing coffee methods, with the presence of 25 participants. 
Andrej Godina, coffee-expert, authorized SCA trainer and president of Umami Area Honduras, has been the teacher of both courses. In this regard, he commented: “Since I have met with the responsibility of a company that produces coffee in Honduras, I have had the opportunity to touch with my hands how much the small coffee farmer lives a life of economic and cultural difficulties. In the producing countries the farmer, for linguistic, cultural and economic reasons, has no possibility of accessing professional coffee training that is run in the consuming countries. He does not have the possibility of training on the most modern agricultural management techniques too. The farmer, often, is used to sell his production to intermediaries called "coyotes", who buy at a price well below the cost of production. It is for this reason that, together with Fundación ETEA and Estucafe, we have organized and co-financed these first two courses, which are a concrete sign of support for small producers located in the region where Umami Area Honduras has its farm. This type of action is a way to make our coffee, produced in Rio Colorado farm, socially responsible ”.
Michela Accerenzi, Regional Coordinator for Central America of Fundación ETEA, says that she is very happy with the results obtained. “We have been carrying out technical assistance and coffee process training for coffee farmers and professionals for 15 years, but in recent years we have received requests to access international certifications. In addition to logistical support, on this occasion, we have sponsored three scholarships for each course to help the participation of young people and women who are growing in the Honduran coffee scene”.
Juan Carlos Guerra Carballos, owner of Estucafé, also said he is very satisfied. “Estucafé is not just a roasting company, it is also a project of education and promotion of high quality coffee culture. In this courses, in addition to baristas and farmers, professionals from the coffee sector of Honduras and the national champion of the World Barista Championship Carlos René Guerra have participated. These four days have been a precious opportunity to share, it was a moment of high professional training that has allowed us to learn and improve our CV”.
A clear sign of the success of this first edition is the fact that the three institutions that have signed the agreement have already received requests to organize further courses on the topic of coffee roasting in November 2019 with the intermediate and professional SCA certification.
Michela Accerenzi, Regional Coordinator for Central America of Fundación ETEA
Andrej Godina, Umami Area Honduras President: