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Andrej Godina
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The Italian coffee blend espresso tradition and know how


di Andrej Godina
ultimo aggiornamento 30/03/2018 16:28:25

Come to Italy and live the unique professional training experience organized by Umami Area on the Italina espresso blends

caffe espresso crema tigrata.jpg
Umami Area as “concept and vision” was born in 2012. Andrej Godina, moving to Tuscany gets to know Francesco Sanapo, with whom he starts activities and events aiming at the spreading of high coffee quality in Italy. This process concretely translates into the Umami Barista Camps: formation and training courses for coffee sector workers, based on the modules of the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Coffee Skills Program.
Umami Area developed in time the best coffee knowledge that speaks about specialty coffee and the real Italian espresso culture. Andrej Godina has a PhD in Science, Technology and Economy in the coffee Industry with a thesis on the espresso coffee sensory analysis. All the topics related to the espresso cup chain were studied together with the most important international coffee experts giving the opportunity to train on all the espresso brewing paramters. Coffee roasting, together with the green beans selection and the espresso percolation into the espresso coffee machine are the most important topics that Umami Area trainers will teach you during our courses.
Come with us into the Italian espresso coffee chain to discover all the espresso secrets that makes the espresso blend something magic.
The UMAMI training format is inspired by university campuses, where brilliant youth gather and share quality time not only devoted to study, led by outstanding international professors, but also to leisure time, mutual knowing, culture and experience sharing.

Join the international coffee eduaction with Umami Area and Umami Area Honduras in Las Capucas. Thus, Umami Camp is a high professional offer, taking place in a familiar and informal environment, with the chance to create and take part to a permanent training lab with coffee lovers and coffee experts.
Umami Area will offer ypu a cmplete coffee education on the Italian espresso culture with a progessional coffee knowledge and competence.
At the end of this training the participants will learn all about espresso, espacially everything it’s necessary to brew the beverage with consistency and quality. All the most important brewing parameters will be discussed as the water temperature and pressure, the grinding size distribution, dose, filter diameter, percolation time and beverage weight. Milano is designed as one of the best place in Italy to train on espresso: during the coffee week you are going to learn all the most important topics on espresso in different locations.
Spazio Candiani - Dalla Corte
MUMAC - Museum of the espresso coffee machine
La Cimbali - Binasco
Torrefazione Milani - Como
La Marzocco training center - Assago

the espresso coffee machine museum
La Cimbali factory -

9:30 – 12:00 theoretical and practical sessions
12:00-13:00 visit at La Cimbali factory
13:00-14:00 lunch time
14:00-15:00 visit at the MUMAC Museum and La Cimbali factory
15:00-18:00 theoretical and practical sessions
During the first day the course’s topics would be:
Espresso history, the espresso coffee machine technological development, how Italians develop the brewing method, how to choose the single origin green beans for espresso, how to taste espresso, espresso tasting card, an introduction to sensory analysis, how to define the sensory quality of the espresso, Italian espresso definition and regional espresso habits.
During the first day all the basic information regarding espresso methods and green bean selection will be developed:
- how to do quality control on green beans for espresso (roasting, tasting, evaluating the quality)
- how to choose the right green beans for espresso
- how to use the specific espresso tasting card
- how to brew the right espresso for quality control.
Aperitif time & dinner: free time

Caffè Milani roastery

9:00 – 12:00 visit to Caffè Milani factory with theoretical and espresso practical sessions
13:00-14:30 lunch time
14:30-16:00 theoretical and practical sessions
During the third day the trainer will train on the following topics:
Espresso definition, coffee sensory analysis, how to define the brewing parameters, which grinder and which espresso machine to be chosen, water for espresso, sensory analysis on espresso coffee blends part 2.
During the day the participants will choose their own coffee blend recipes tasting it into the cup:
- choose the right espresso blend recipe
- how to run a coffee roastery for espresso
- how to evaluate the right espresso blend
- espresso blend tasting sessions
Visit to the roastery plant in Como where to see the roasting facility, green coffee warehouse, quality control lab.
Return to Milano for dinner.
Ratanà Restaurant
Via Gaetano del Castillia 28
18:30 – 20:00 Olive oil tasting session with a short theoretical lesson on how to produce olive oil sensory analysis and practical sensory session with three different olive extra virgin oils (North, Central and South of Italy).
20:00 Dinner with a tasting menu with local milanese dishes. The dinner represents a journey of the senses evoking exciting flavours, at times unusual, tastes and textures, often obtained through the use of newly learned cooking techniques. Euro 70,00 per person including the wine pairing with a selection of natural wines.

La Marzocco Milano

9:00 – 12:30 theoretical and practical sessions
12:30-14:00 lunch time
14:00-17:00 theoretical and practical sessions
During the day the trainer will train on the following topics: how to process roasted coffee for espresso, cooling time, degassing phase, packaging, espresso parameter on the espresso coffee machine, sensory analysis, how to set up a quality control lab, sensory analysis on espresso coffee blends part 3.
During the last day the last workshops will be performed:
- choose the right espresso blend recipe
- espresso blend tasting sessions from the most significant Italian roasters
18:30 aperitif and dinner time:
Vino al Vino Restaurant
Via Gaspare Spontini 11
Wine tasting session with a short theoretical lesson on how to perform wine sensory analysis: colour, aroma, tastes, body and aftertaste.
Practical tasting session with a selection of different Italian wines, white and red, produced in North, Central and South of Italy.
20:00 Dinner with a tasting menu with recepies from local cuisine from south of Italy and a wine paring of natural wines. Euro 35,00 per person including the wine pairing with a selection of natural wines.

Spazio Candiani
Dalla Corte espresso coffee machine
Via Candiani 127 - Bovisa, Milano

9:00 – 13:00 theoretical and practical sessions
12:00-14:30 lunch time
14:30-18:00 theoretical and practical sessions

12:30 Luch time - coffee menu with a selection of single origin coffees locally roasted.
Lavazza Flagship Store
Piazza S. Fedele, 2
During the day the trainer will train about the following topics: coffee roasting process, roasting technology, coffee roasting profile for filter and espresso, colour measuring methods, roasting pre-blended coffees, roasting single origin coffees and post blending activity, sensory analysis on espresso coffee blends part 1.
During the day the roasting process will be the main focus on the theoretical and practical workshops:
- roasting pre-blended coffee for espresso blends
- roasting single origins and post blending workshop
- espresso blends tasting sessions from the most significant Italian roasters

At the end the participants can choose to achieve the Coffee Skills Program certifications with the written tests.
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