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Chetna Chopra
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From New Delhi to Las Capucas, passing through Torino

Chetna Chopra in finca rio colorado.jpg
I’m Chetna Chopra from New Delhi, India. I recently moved to the the beautiful land of Las Capucas, Corquin, close to Santa Rosa de Copan in Honduras in order to finish my final masters thesis on sustainably grown coffee and the effects of the coffee terroir on my final cup quality along with Dr. Andrej Godina of Umami Area.
Currently studying Master in Gastronomy: Food in the world at the University of Gastronomic Sciences (founded by Carlos Petrini, Slow Food International), Bra, Italy.
My topics of study include: sensory analysis and making of speciality and fermented foods, food writing, anthropology of food, food and public health, food justice, human ecologies and sustainable agriculture, and world food cultures. I have also travelled extensively with my university to food destinations such as Sicily, Copenhagen and Japan in order to study Mediterranean diet, Nordic Food Lab and Japanese art of fermentation respectively. My university has provided me with the right educational base to be a responsible and conscious consumer. It has helped me in the past one year to look at food beyond conventions and mainstream norms - respecting and knowing every little detail of the food chain (from the heroic producers to sellers). Because of this, I had the vision and desire to come study coffee and live with the farmers for two months, in order to understand and realize the entire cherry-to-cup journey of this magical and largely important cash crop. I truly believe that coffee production today has become a serious world issue - from the way its grown, marketed and consumed has severe implications on both human ecologies and our endangered planet.
Umami Area along with the COCAFCAL Cooperative are making a whole lot of efforts in the areas of biodiversity conservation, ethically grown coffee, and providing farmer education for a better produce, and a happier livelihood. I truly aspire to be with an organization or movement that takes the implications of growing coffee on the farmers and on our environment seriously, and is working towards the betterment of the same.
I also call myself a food nerd and I’m addicted to pretty much all things food: fresh and seasonal produce, ethical coffee, vegetable gardens, kombucha, Indian spices, traditional recipes, all things fermented, raw cacao, food literature, Belgian Pale Ale, greens, highland's peaty whisky, chemical reactions, homemade ginger beer, G&T, Piedmontese vino, acidic and fruity light roast Kenyan beans, aged cheese, environment, sustainability, human ecologies, indigenous communities, El Salvadorian bourbon coffee, food justice, sour dough, grappa, food memories, biodynamic agriculture and my mamas food.